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A Meaningful Purpose for Veteran Made Woodworks

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A Meaningful Purpose for Veteran Made Woodworks

Anthony Guadagnino started making handcrafted wooden American flags three years ago. It started as a gift for a friend but quickly turned into something more.

“When I gave it to him, some of the guys there, just kind of, bells and whistles started turning and we said, ‘Well, maybe we have something here,’ ” Guadagnino said.

Three years later, Guadagnino and his team have made more than 3,000 of these wooden flags. Orders come in from across the country, usually as a gift for someone in the military or law enforcement.

“We take it very seriously,” Guadagnino said. “There’s a lot of meaning, a lot of symbolism; something that’s going to be hanging in someone’s home.”

It also means a lot for Guadagnino and his team to make these flags. They’re also veterans. Guadagnino joined the Marines in 1999 and deployed to Iraq in 2003.

“Making the flags, it means something to us, it’s important to us,” Guadagnino said. “So it’s got an emotional factor.”

The emotional factor is what drives them to make sure every little detail is done right. It also brings them together to paint, wax, and engrave these flags in their free time.

Today, Guadagnino serves in the Army, working at the Watervliet Arsenal.

“It’s a team of guys that get together and you know we have a blast, some camaraderie,” Guadagnino said. “That’s what the military is all about.”

With the holiday season in full swing, orders are beginning to pick up. Guadagnino expects to make more than 1,200 flags for 2018.

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Veteran Made Woodworks Melissa McMahon Custom Flag Raffle

This past week, a close friend of the Veteran Made team, Sean, lost his wife, Melissa McMahon.

Melissa passed away on August 3, 2018, at 31 years old. She is survived by her loving husband, Sean McMahon, and her two beautiful children, Brenna and Sean Michael. As a nurse, Melissa dedicated her life to helping people and is cherished and lovingly remembered by all whose lives she has touched. Sean is a Troy Police officer and will now be raising his two wonderful children without his beloved wife Melissa. We are looking to tap into the local community to help our brother Sean. Military members, veterans, police officers and first responders carry a bond of brotherhood and take care of one of our own.  We are looking to help in the only way we know how, using our platform of spreading patriotism and freedom to do some good for others.  Enter to win a custom flag, help a brother, help a family and make a difference in your community, thank you so much for your support.

Custom Flag Raffle

The team at Veteran Made Woodworks is asking our loyal customers to participate in our raffle, with 100% of the proceeds donated to Sean McMahon and their children.

This raffle will be for a $300 credit for a custom engraved flag from Veteran Made Woodworks. Each entry is $10.

The Veteran Made Woodworks McMahon Raffle is now closed - thank you for your support of the McMahon family in this difficult time.  If you would like to make a further donation, an account has been set up for Brenna and Sean Michael McMahon.  Any donations can be made at any CapCom Branch location in their name. CLICK HERE for a list and map of the CapCom Branches near you.

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