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American Wood Flags Made in the USA.
100% Veteran owned and operated - based out of Troy, NY.
We are not a company chasing numbers on a spreadsheet, nor are we the weekend hobbyists tinkering in the shop. We are a team of warriors. We took an oath and made a commitment to stand by our brothers and sisters. Ingrained in our souls is an unwavering commitment to the team — the men and women, who are Veteran Made Woodworks. This is our story, built around the legacy of our great nation. We honor the symbol that represents so much to us — the flag of the United States of America.
We have served our nation, fought in war, and we are here today to pay homage to those who continue to serve and those who did not come home. We bring precision to our shop just as we were trained to do with our rifles. We bring integrity to our team just as we did during our service. We bring respect, not only for each other, but more importantly for the red, white, and blue. Every step taken to craft each hand-made flag is precise, exact, and executed with honor. It is our commitment, our promise, to always do our absolute best. The recipients of our craftsmanship are patriots and believers in us and our cause.
Many know and can relate to our experiences. They have fought in our wars. They have given parts of their souls for our country. We hang with them. We hang with veterans. We hang with the free. We hang with the brave, the patriots, the soldiers and their families. We hang with Americans. We carry the legacy of our nation forward while weaving part of our story into yours. We do what we truly love to do. We are Veteran Made Woodworks.
Don't take it from us,
Take it from our customers
We received a beautiful flag as a Christmas gift and absolutely love it. Beautifully made, perfect size and just plain eye catching! Plus there Is the bonus that this is a veteran run company!
- Kim M.
Just brought my flag coin holder, site unseen (Just a photo) and I love it already. More over made by a Veteran for a Veteran.
- R Anthony C.
This is perfect holding my husband's coins and it looks great on the wall. Thank you so much. He LOVED it…
- Catherine B.
Beautiful display shelf for my military challenge coins... highly recommend and loved the personal note!
- Rachel L
They all look great, God bless all of you and thank you for your service.
- Rosemary M
We personally design each flag, crafting her in many custom versions with all individually cut wood pieces
They are finished with either stain or paint to highlight any room in your home, camp, even your front porch. Each flag is handcrafted and assembled together on a solid wood frame and then protected with three finishing coats to give her a glimmering shine.
Working together on each others' projects and always lending a hand are the bonds that Service Members will forever share.
All of us at Veteran Made continue to serve as soldiers and police officers. Our spirit as loyal public servants spills over into our woodwork. Our goal is to provide our customers with long lasting Patriotic Pride through the wood crafts we create.

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