Our Story

Vets with a passion for carpentry

We personally design each flag, crafting her in many custom versions with all individually cut wood pieces.

They are finished with either stain or paint to highlight any room in your home, camp, even your front porch. Each flag is handcrafted and assembled together on a solid wood frame and then protected with three finishing coats to give her a glimmering shine.

Working together on each others' projects and always lending a hand are the bonds that Service Members will forever share.

All of us at Veteran Made continue to serve as soldiers and police officers. Our spirit as loyal public servants spills over into our woodwork. Our goal is to provide our customers with long lasting Patriotic Pride through the wood crafts we create.

Here's an all too familiar saying:

They don’t build them like they used to.

Well....yeah, we're not the status quo here. We went old school with everything we do. Quality matters to you. Hard work matters to you. Craftsmanship matters to you. And so it matters to us! Let us give you a way to display that you celebrate your freedom everyday. Show pride in our American Heritage.

Display Old Glory proudly and God Bless the USA!

See Veteran Made Woodworks in Action

See our flag-making process from start to finish

Anthony Guadagnino

Owner and Lead Carpenter

United States Marine Corps OIF Veteran and currently serving US Army SFC

This company was all started by a Thin Blue Line (TBL) Flag I thought up and created as a thank you gift for Ryan's help on a flooring job. Every veteran understands the brotherhood. Ryan and I served together in Iraq in 2003. We have remained friends ever since.

*** Fun Fact: We're close now, but we used to be rivals in high school football. As you can so obviously see in my picture compared to 'ole Ryan's here, I was definitely not the "no tackle redshirt" quarterback type like he was! BOOM! I got the last word in, RYAN!