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Shout Out to a Friend of Veteran Made Woodworks

A huge shout out to our friends Jeremy and Andrea who just went through the fights of their lives and came out still undefeated! For those who don’t know Jeremy is a friend of ours, he happens to have 2 of our flags but might as well be a spokesman for us! He recently had emergency heart surgery and is recovering now, doing well. Cheers to Jeremy, father husband, law enforcement officer, Navy Veteran and more…Veteran Made has your 6!

A Veteran Made Presidential Flag at the America First Action Christmas Party

Huge thanks to America F1rst Action with their purchase of 20 Old Tattered Flags! We visited Washington D.C. to attend their Christmas party…at the Trump international Hotel in DC!!

What an honor it was to meet Donald Trump JR and present him with our Veteran Made Presidential Flag! We attended the America First Action Christmas party, a night will will never forget!

We have had the opportunity to meet so many patriotic Americans from America Sherrif David Clarke to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, Congressman Louie Gohmert and of course meeting Vice President Mike Pence! What an amazing time!


A Symbol of America’s Pride: Crafted By Those Who Know It’s Worth

by Emily Marcason-Tolmie

Pressure and pride. These words are the foundation of Anthony Guadagnino’s Capital District-based business Veteran Made Woodworks. “Creating the American flag from scratch, from pieces of wood into something amazing, is something we take immense pride in.” Guadagnino, a U.S. Marine veteran and current Operations NCO for Recruiting in the New York Army National Guard, says he thrives under pressure. He receives between 80 and 100 orders for flags a month. The increased volume of orders doesn’t distract him, rather it encourages him. “People are choosing us to make them a flag and we are honored by their confidence in us,” he said. “We are doing right by the flag and in turn right for our customers. We use only high quality wood and products. Our reputation is speaking for itself.”

Guadagnino is receiving orders from customers across the country. Recently, a chief in the United States Navy contacted him hoping to present a Veteran Made Woodworks’ flag at a change of command ceremony involving the famed Blue Angels. Veteran Made Woodworks has made flags that currently hang in United States’ Embassies. He has shipped flags to Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. He has also made flags for more somber occasions, such as End of Watch ceremonies traditionally used to honor fallen law enforcement officers.

Veteran Made Woodworks is different from other woodworking business for two distinct reasons: patriotism and passion. “It means a lot to our customers that we are veterans, and still serving,” he said. “We construct our flags in the same way that we approach the military, with a high attention to detail. Guadagnino believes that the precise craftsmanship of each flag is all based on honor. “We are doing the flag justice,” he said. “We show it the proper respect because we live and bleed by that flag.” For example, when Guadagnino finishes a flag the edges of it are always smoothed and painted. “People notice the little things,” he said. “We are all about quality and affordable prices. There is no reason why customers can’t have both of these.”

Guadagnino has been dabbling in woodwork for years. When he was a boy he would go with his father, a general contractor, to work sites and learn by watching. He took his skills and refined them when he joined the military at age 18. “I’ve had one job since I was 18,” Guadagnino said. “I’ve served the military, working for the government, and it wears on you. I wanted to work for myself,” he said. He started his woodworking business two years ago after attending a Boots to Business seminar offered by the military. “I then spent a year after that class researching and deciding my best course of action. I wanted to go into this business with a plan,” he said. That plan has him now leading a team of five part-time people, each one from a different branch of the service or law enforcement, and each one contributing to the business in their own way. Two years ago he had no idea that the business would evolve to where it is today. “I’m in the trenches with my team,” he said. “I’m sweating with them. I’m cutting with them. I’m right there with them building,” he said. The business has evolved and gained speed quickly since its inception. Changes are on the horizon for Guadagnino. “Next year I can see myself running this business full-time,” he said.

Guadagnino attributes his business success to his military history: from infantryman to recruiter he has an arsenal of experiences that are a perfect match for entrepreneurship. The business is growing and he is enjoying every moment. “I work at least an hour before going to work every morning and between four to five hours every evening,” he said. “I am fortunate to work alongside a group of people that love this as much as I do. Really, at the end of it all, we are just a couple of friends making really cool stuff together.”

Customized engraving of flags is available upon request. There are flags available in stock on the website, but each order is treated with individual attention. The turnaround time on a custom flag order is currently at about 2 weeks or so. In addition to the flags, Veterans Made Woodworking make custom flag coin holders and some furniture.

Emily Marcason-Tolmie, a Saratoga native, is a writer, researcher, wife and mother. Emily and her husband, Ryan, are the parents to two wonderful little boys, ages 4 and 1.

This article was written by Emily Marcason-Tolmie and was originally published at Saratoga Weekly.

Veteran Made Woodworks at the DCC Holiday Craft Fair

Veteran Made Woodworks LLC, out of Troy, Rensselaer County, sold its American flags carefully constructed of slices of plywood.

A recruiter for the New York Army National Guard, 35-year-old founder Anthony Guadagnino started the business two years ago after he made a wooden flag as a gift for a neighbor. He had been in the middle of doing contract work on his house.

Guadagnino enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1999 and served for six years, including a tour in Iraq in 2003.

“The thing that really fuels (our company) — we get regular patriotic Americans. More than anyone,” he said. “… We do some other stuff where we get a flag from somebody who has a memorial, or I’m buying it for this person or whatever the case is.”

His wife, Jessica Guadagnino, added that the Holiday Craft Fair allowed them to see customers’ reactions.

“It’s kind of exciting to see how people like his work,” she said.

This is an excerpt of an article from the Poughkeepsie Journal.

From serving to woodworking, Veteran business makes flags

Thank you to News Channel 13 for this feature of Veteran Made Woodworks! Click here to view the interview as aired on News Channel 13.

November 09, 2017 05:51 PM

MELROSE — A group of veterans in Rensselaer County has gone from defending the flag to building it.

Veteran Made Woodworks in Melrose makes custom handcrafted wooden flags.

Cut, stained, painted, burned, and finished. It’s a group of woodworking Betsy Rosses making these, and every one of them has served.

“The piece that you’re getting, it’s made by a vet, a service member, or a police officer,” said Anthony Guadagnino, Owner and Lead Carpenter.

All the work is done at Anthony’s garage, basement, and now a second building at the end of his driveway. He served in the Marines, then the Army. He’s currently at the Watervliet Arsenal.

It all started when a veteran buddy helped him fix his house, and Anthony thought he’d build something to thank him.

“He said, ‘I don’t want anything’, well, I made him a flag. And the first flag, it’s kind of funny, because our flags are top notch now, and the first one we kind of critique it now. It was originally from pallets,” said Guadagnino.

People really liked the rustic look. So Anthony took a Boots to Business class at the Arsenal, enlisted the help of other vets, including the guy who he gave the first flag. The business has been up and running for two years and now the requests are rolling in from all over the country; 60 to 80 a month.

“I didn’t realize how fast it was going to take off, but it’s all good, work harder,” said Guadagnino.

And they work hard. The crew shows up after their full-time jobs to start working every night at 6.

“That means it’s something special, because I’m coming from my day job, I’m coming out here to work, I look forward to it. We hang out together, we like each other, and we have a lot in common and we’re doing something that has meaning.”

You can buy a flag at

A Flag for the Blue Angels

When we get the chance to hear the story behind one of our flag orders it’s a special thing for the whole team. This flag in particular is very special. It’s headed to the CO and flight leader of the Blue Angels. You read that right…the US Navy’s flight demonstration squadron made up of aviators form the Navy and Marine Corps. Such an honor for our team to be able to provide! Who knew crayon eating Grunts we’re capable of so much?? Fun fact: each order comes with a hand written note from the Boss!

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